Help With My Master Thesis Involving Digital Archiving and the Progressive Era

"Hello, my name is Jonathan Maxwell. I am a student at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York as well as a new Omeka user. I have plans to make use of Omeka's services in my Master Thesis, which will most likely be a digital archive on the Progressive Era that will be built out as a demo. However, I currently do not own any materials from the Progressive Era that I could use in my digital archive. My advisor has recently suggested that I should see if I can pull items from the Hathi Trust and the DPLA. In regards to the plugins, would I need to write my own plugins to display materials, or do plugins already exist that would allow me to display items from those collections in my project? Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance."


There isn't an importer plugin that allows you to pull in items specifically from DPLA or Hathi. We do have an OAI-PMH Harvester plugin if there are OAI-PMH sets available.

DPLA has an API and Omeka has a new API, so I think it is possible that you could write a plugin that lets the two of them interact. I, however, am not the right person to discuss how that might work.

Good luck with your thesis.