Help!! Urgent!! unable to install on Wamp- Windows 7

Hey everyone, am new to omeka, unable to install to localhost on wamp.. stuck at the firstpage where i get the following error..

Omeka Installation
Installation Error

Before installation can continue, the following errors must be resolved:

mod_rewrite is not enabled

Apache's mod_rewrite extension must be enabled for Omeka to work properly. Please enable mod_rewrite and try again.

However i have enabled mod_rewrite on apache but still cant get through.. mod_rewrite usually works fine for me with a Joomla Installation but there seems to be a bug with omeka or something.. Please Help..

If you're sure mod_rewrite is enabled, the most likely issue is something with your RewriteBase directive. This is often the case when your URLs don't cleanly map to filesystem URLs (like when you have a ~username component).

Note, though, that we officially don't support Windows.

yes mod_rewrite is enabled, But how can i resolve the Rewrite Base issue.. developing and customizing is a bit cumbersome in Linux environment andwould prefer my local dev. environment before going live.

Please advice

bluecore, try the workaround mentioned in this thred -

the workaround is going directly to localhost/omeka/install/install.php

This may help you, as it just helped me install omeka on a windows 7 machine using wamp.