Help testing a new Omeka theme

Hi, I'm working on a new theme, named Deco, and am looking for some feedback from beta testers. You can take a peak right now on my test installation at There are a number of theme configurations that change the display (stylesheet-switching, etc) and behavior so the most helpful thing would be to download and install to make sure they all work relatively well. I've only tested in Omeka 2.0+ and the current versions of IE (not really planning on working through IE6 or 7 any time soon), FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. The theme can be downloaded at Right now you'll most likely need to go into common/lightbox/js/lightbox.js and set the full path to the lightbox open/close images. If anyone knows how to set that automatically for distribution, please let me know. I still have a bit of work to do on this, but that's what's stumping me right now. And of course, if anything looks too crazy on the sandbox site, it's either a bug or me screwing around with things. :)


Thanks for posting this theme. It's always good to see themes that experiment a little more with Omeka's look and feel.

I do have a few suggestions for you:

You have your lightbox code in common/lightbox, which contains all the lightbox code together. If you instead put the css in the top-level css folder, the javascript in the top-level javascripts folder, and so on, you could use Omeka's built-in helpers to get URLs and print tags for the JavaScript and CSS in your theme header.

Also, you're using both Prototype and jQuery. I'd suggest using one of the many lightbox scripts for jQuery, which would let you omit Prototype entirely. Even if you do keep the same lightbox script, remember that Omeka includes the Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries, so you shouldn't need to include them in your theme.

Keep up the good work!