Help Needed...


Obviously I do not have any clue about any of this, so if there is someone out there who would be willing to explain what it is that is written down here, the help would be much appreciated.

Would like to know the meaning of the following:

link rel="shortcut icon" href="/browse.php/SK9oqLTP/EnOiJjH5/Lk0kBNIg/hcolGz9z/BKv0HhFg/b21/" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/browse.php/SK9oqLTP/EnOiJjH5/Lk0kBNIg/hcorHyN9/RLauDh5q/ZCWR0UN0/VilNn_2B/4bE_2Fw0/itc_3D/b21/">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/browse.php/SK9ou_2F/CARmPzMD/r0JA81RN/J4ycArGD/J2Gaq0A1/xhLyHWwg/9uHXIM1u/wOGPVtwc/m0x_2F0P/qdpHINXB/5foB/b21/">

Thx a mill for any assistance.

Is this an Omeka site?

Obviously the end parts of all those links look like gibberish, but even the beginnings don't really make sense for Omeka.

John, I am sorry. I did a search on what Forum would be able to help and yours was one that came up. Since I am a complete "idiot" concerning this type of language I decided to post it on this Forum. Obviously I have had no idea that Omeka was a stand alone language or programming brand.

Sorry for the Inconvenience, I hope it wasn't to much trouble.