I'm having trouble pulling in javascript and CSS files.

I've added
queue_js('$coin-slider', $dir = 'javascripts');
<?php echo display_js(); ?>

to default/common/header.php and the .js file is not showing up in the page. Additionally, I've tried using echo to print
<script type="text/javascript" src="javascripts/coin-slider.js"></script>
I thought that maybe I was editing the wrong file, but if I delete the file, my page crashes. What could I be doing wrong?

That doesn't look quite right.

Assuming your script is in javascripts/coin-slider.js, the queue_js call you want looks like this:


The dollar sign and manually specifying the 'javascripts' folder are unnecessary.

Ah yes. I'm not sure how that dollar sign got in there. I'm still not getting coin-slider.js to pull into the homepage.