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The Easy Color theme does not appear to have a header file. How to add?


I'm not entirely sure from your question or from looking at your link what you mean by "header file" here.

Notice the top of the page at this URL:


There is peculiar white-space with no navigation. How do I remove the whitespace or duplicate the footer and make it a header to put in place of the white-space?

Could you maybe link to a screenshot of what you're talking about?

I see navigation on the top and bottom of that page, and nothing I'd describe as "peculiar whitespace".

Adam Crymble, the developer, helped me. I merely had to change:

margin setting in:

#header {background: #ffbe40; border: 1px solid #fff; min-height: 15em; padding: 0 1em 0 1em; margin: 5em 0 0 0;}

to: "margin: 5em 0 0 0;"

Glad to hear Adam helped you resolve the issue.