Having trouble theming individual Neatline exhibits


I'm having a really difficult time understanding how to theme individual Neatline exhibits. I've tried following the tutorial here, but I'm afraid it's a little too technical for my skill level.

I've tried adding the Neatline Starter Theme to [theme-folder]/neatline/exhibits/themes/test-exhibit ('test-exhibit' being my Neatline exhibit slug), but there's no change to the exhibit itself.

Is there any easier way to do this, or am I completely missing something? Do I need to include a browse.php file in [theme-folder]/neatline/exhibits, similar to Neatscape?

I appreciate any help---I'm completely at a loss!

Hi hcgriggs,

After you placed the Neatline Starter Theme in the right directory, did you run npm install and bower install from the terminal inside the theme directory?

If you did, it should have changed at least some of the appearance of the exhibit in the "Public View" though not in the "Fullscreen View."

If you can let me know that, then we can work from there to help you on this.

Thank you for your reply, @csbailey. I actually ended up figuring it out a while back!

Good to hear hcgriggs. If you run into any further issues with Neatline, I'd be happy to help you.

Actually, @csbailey I do have a question related to this particular theme. In the Neatline Starter Theme, the text floats to the left of the screen. Is there a way to make it float right? I've been trying to toggle with the CSS but I haven't been able to figure it out. Thanks in advance!

Hi @hcgriggs, just looking at it quickly, it looks like minimally you will need to remove the position: absolute from the div.narrative and add a float: right to the same. Given some of the other style changes in the starter theme, you may need to modify some of the styles on the exhibit map itself. Most of the lines you would need to modify will be in narrative.styl, layout.styl, and exhibit.styl. You can have grunt watch running in your terminal in the theme directory to keep it recompiling every time you save with a change. I should have a bit more time to look at this more closely in the next day or two.