Guest user vs User profiles

After reading the plugin descriptions, I'm still a bit unsure about the difference between the guest user and user profile plugins, and how they can work together.

Would someone who has used (or developed) these plugins be able to elaborate a bit on their function?

I'm also a bit confused about what the point of the user profile plugin is without the guest user plugin?

Thanks! Cristina

I also don't understand what sort of information is supposed to go into the elements section in the user profiles plugin, and what the different options mean?
Thank you

Guest User only provides the ability to have users log in with an account that doesn't allow access to the administrative back end.

User Profiles is there to let admins create profile forms for users -- guest users or other 'regular' users with admin access.

Both are primarily imagining sites that want to create more interaction among site visitors, for example with a combination of the Commenting plugin, and letting users comment only when logged in as guest users.

Without Guest User, a site with a large team adding content might use User Profiles to create profile pages for each person.

The Elements are basically the fields you want on the profile form, like "Name", "Background", or whatever. Those can be text boxes, checkboxes, or whatever usual form elements you want.

Hope that helps -- these are new plugins that are part of a project we have at the Center, so we're also looking for feedback about how people want to use them. Thanks!

Yes I think that's made things a bit more clear.

I'll have another play around with these plugins with your explanation in mind!