'Guest User' translation

Hello, i made a translation of 'GuestUser' plugin, using PoEdit. I uploaded the 'fr_FR.mo' file in 'omeka/plugins/GuestUser/languages', but the translation isn't active. I tried to reinstall the plugin but i had no more success.
I use omeka 2.1.4, and the last version of 'GuestUser'.
Could someone help me please ?

My first two guesses are:

1) that the localization might not be properly set in the config.ini file. It should look like:

locale.name = "fr_FR"

Note no semicolon at the beginning of the line.

2) maybe the server doesn't have permissions to read the .mo file. Make sure that both the languages directory and the fr_FR.mo file are readable by the server

Thanks patrickmj :)

in config.ini, i have

locale.name = "fr_FR"

so i just rename my 'fr_FR.mo' into 'fr.mo' and it's ok.

Many thanks for your reactivity

The tricky part in adding new translations, pretty much anywhere in Omeka, is that Omeka caches all translations. Updates to the .mo files (i.e. editing the .po files and exporting them to .mo) won't reflect immediately.

To force cache refresh, you'll need to find the place where your server stores the cache files and delete them, thus enforcing Omeka to regenerate the i18n cache.

If you're on a LAMPP server, it's often /tmp. In there you should find a dozen or more files named omeka_i18n_cache---*. Delete them, reload the page, and you should see your modified texts.