Guest User: broken link in registration confirmation email

Thanks for joining SITE_TITLE!

You can now log into <a href="WEB_ROOT">SITE_TITLE</a> using the password you chose.

WEB_ROOT is not actually evaluated, so the link is broken.

I see that the email is generated in UserController.php #L236 (_sendConfirmedEmail). Oddly, editing that line to use the $siteURL variable doesn't fix the issue (it results in an unlinked site title), even though the same approach works fine a few lines later (for the initial email, via _sendConfirmationEmail).

Thanks! Using $siteUrl is probably the way to go, it probably just need to be set in that method:

$siteUrl = absolute_url('/');

I just pushed up a version with the change that I _think_ should work, if you want to try it out.