Guest Permissions for Omeka & Neatline

Hello! I'm trying to enable "Guest" access to non-public exhibits in Omeka and Neatline. Here's my problem: If I set the Guest role to "contributor," they can see the Neatline exhibits, but not the Omeka exhibits. If I set it to "researcher," they can see the Omeka items, but not the Neatline items. I'm assuming there's a simple solution that allows viewing access to both, but I'm not finding it so far. Thanks for any help!

It looks like in the usual Omeka access rules, a contributor can only see non-public content that they created. (Which seems a little odd, since generally contributors have permission to do more things than researchers). That's true both in core Omeka and in Exhibit Builder.

So, a hack on the Omeka side is probably possible, but would require changing core files and Exhibit Builder files in a couple different places. Not sure yet if a hack on the Neatline side would be more straightforward

Hi DanF,

Interesting. I'm getting slightly different results than you are. It looks like the contributor role allows you to view and edit Neatline exhibits, and to edit Exhibit Builder exhibits, but not to view those exhibits. But I may have something weird about my installation.

That said, Neatline ACLs are probably easier to hack. Everything is defined in the file helpers/Acl.php. You should be able to bend Neatline to your needs there.

Of course, any changes you make will make upgrading Neatline more difficult: You'll need to transfer your changes up separately.