Guest login plugin deprecated?


Has the guest login plugin been deprecated or otherwise abandoned?

I have set up a kind of hacked together environment where user contributions are tied to myomeka usernames and was hoping to allow myomeka users to edit their items.

The has_permission() function (placed in items/show.php of my theme) seems to indicate that myomeka users do in fact have permission to edit these but omeka won't let them into the dashboard.

And it looks like the old guest login plugin is just broken as myomeka users are met with an error on "Edit this item" and a white screen when trying to access the dashboard in general.

Does this make sense at all? Any tips for getting around this?



Just to clarify, here's my current code:

<? $current = Omeka_Context::getInstance()->getCurrentUser();
        if ($current->role == 'super') {
        	echo '<p><a href="'. html_escape(uri('admin/items/edit/')).item('ID').'">Edit</a></p>';
        elseif($current->role == 'admin'){
        	echo '<p><a href="'. html_escape(uri('admin/items/edit/')).item('ID').'">Edit</a></p>';
        	echo '<p><a href="'. html_escape(uri('admin/items/edit/')).item('ID').'">Edit</a></p>';

This works fine for admin and super users. And it looks like it's trying with myOmeka users, as they do see the "EDIT" link. However, they cannot access the dashboard.

Is there a way to make this work?


Ok, one more note. I tried adding this to MyOmeka/plugin.php:

function my_omeka_hack_permissions($acl){

That didn't work, although I wonder if I would need to reinstall first (not an option if so).

You'll also have to give the 'edit' permission for Items to your my-omeka users, this permission gets checked before editSelf to see if a given user is allowed to go to any item edit page at all.

To make this kind of thing a little easier, you can temporarily set the "debug.exceptions" setting in your Omeka application/config/config.ini

This will make Omeka print some technical, but more helpful, error messages in the place of some of the more generic error pages that it prints by default.