Griddy themes compatibility with OMEKA 2.1.2...

Hello All,

I am currently using the griddy theme found under: with my OMEKA 1.5.2 version. We are planning to upgrade to the latest version 2.1.2. I would like to know if the griddy theme will still be working after the upgrade?

If not, will there be any compatibility fixes to make the old themes work with the latest OMEKA version?

Thanks in advance,

Griddy won't currently work with Omeka 2.x. I'm not sure how extensive the fixes would be for Griddy. I don't think it's currently on a schedule for updating.

Hi, sorry to hijack this thread.

Just wondering which themes are 2.1.2. compatible?
So far I have tried installing Griddy, Dark and Easy-color and they all generate a blank white page once I switch to them. Am I doing something wrong or are they known to be non-comaptible?

All of those are not yet compatible with Omeka 2.x. Here's what we have so far:

* Thanks, Roy (default)
* Seasons
* Berlin

Is there any update on the Griddy theme being Omeka 2 compatible?

It's pretty safe to say that we won't be updating it here at RRCHNM. Forking it to make the updates is your best bet to make it Omeka 2 compatible.