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Hello everybody,

I am having a great time working with Omeka so far, and what few issues I have encountered were easily fixed.

I am operating on Omeka 1.4.2, I see that there's a version 1.5 out now, but I'm holding off on upgrading for a little while because the website is still being actively worked on and I want to avoid possible downtime until that slows down first.

I want to set up Google Analytics on my Omeka page, which is the entire website, hosted under a single subdomain. I read around on the forums and saw where people state all that I have to do is put the tracking code in the header.php file of the theme I am using, at which point I am all set. I did just that, and after an hour or so it looks like Google isn't picking up the tracking code. Do I need to put the tracking code in another location as well? I also put it in the header.php file of the theme for the Admin panel, but I don't know how useful that is.

I followed the PHP instructions on the Google Analytics page, and checked using the inspector tool in my web browser, it appears that the code is in the page source, but Google for some reason still doesn't see it.

I wanted to make sure I wasn't possibly missing anything, as there's a lot of knowledge on these forums!

Thanks a million


Do you mean that your website isn't listed in your Analytics account page or that you don't think that Google is tracking your web traffic?

Usually you won't see any stats for about 24 hours after you've enabled tracking.

On the page that supplies you with the tracking code, there is a portion that says whether the code has been put on the website or not, as well as a timestamp. Google says that it hasn't found the code on the website yet (although it seems to check once a minute, and at this point it's been a couple hours now :-()

Hope this clears it up.

Give it a day. Also, just to be sure, is your website running on a publicly accessible web server?
I only ask in case you're currently working in a dev environment.

The URL is publicly accessible. I'll see if the problem persists tomorrow, and take it from there I suppose.

Thank you for all the help

I added the tracking code to:

but stats do not show. Is there a preferred place?

What do you mean by:
URL is publicly accessible