Google Analytics Plugin

I see it referenced in several places, but it's not in the list of compatible plugins. Where do I find it? Am I just failing at Google?

You just have to paste the tracker code in your main theme file as directed in the Google installation instructions.

Thanks,I can do that, but this makes reference to a plugin:

Does such a plugin not actually exist?
Andrew the absence of the plugin, I added the tracking code to the footer.php file since the index.php file didn't have a </body> tag as called for in the google analytics instructions. Google Analytics indicates it is now correctly installed.

The GoogleAnalytics plugin was a prototype we made last summer for Omeka 0.9. We haven't worked on a version compatible with Omeka 1.0 yet, but its on the list of plugins to update. But you're right that adding the tracking code to the footer directly will work fine. The GoogleAnalytics plugin adds that code for you, without the need to edit your public theme.

We shouldn't have put that documentation on the Codex without publicly releasing the plugin, so I apologize for the oversight.

I found this dialog while trying to figure out where to install the code for Google Analytics. I can't find a footer.php file to put the java script in. I'm using the default theme. Where should I look?

You can copy the footer.php from /application/views/scripts/common/
and paste it into the /common folder in theme you are using.

Thanks Sheila:

That appears to be doing the trick. I'll give it 24 hours to see if we are making any numbers.


I want to add Google Analytics to our site. The GA instructions for a "basic" add says to put their code within the <head> so that would be in the header.php.

I looked at the "advanced" add and there's a box to track php files. The instructions for adding the code to one's site change if you select this option (question: do I need to select this option?). They read:

"For any PHP pages, put the following code in a file (for example, analyticstracking.php) and upload it to your site. Then, add the following line to each template page immediately after the opening <body> tag: <?php include_once("analyticstracking.php") ?>"

So, should I do just the basic or should I do the one with the php?

Adding the "basic" snippet to header.php should work fine.

The "track php files" option looks like its designed for sites that don't have an easy place to include the tracker code so that it's part of every page.

Omeka's header and footer templates are used for every page, so putting the analytics code there will be fine.

Thanks John.

Question: I am going to end up with different exhibits each using a different theme. Do I need to paste the GA tracking code in header.php for every single theme separately?

If you're using multiple different themes and editing the theme to put in Javascript like this, then yes, you'd need to edit all the themes you're using.