Getting this error when I submit with Contribution Plugin

I am getting this error when I submit a contribution using the Contribution plugin: Invalid posting consent given!

I have made some changes to the contribution input page. Here's the URL:


I forgot to add that, according to your documentation about the Contribution plugin, when I install it, I should get a tab in the admin panel called "Contribution." The only tab that comes up when I install that plugin is "Contributors" but not "Contribution."

I think one of the reasons I may be getting an error is that I haven't defined new input data types that should be showing up under the Contribution" tab.

You are using a previous version of the Contribution plugin.

The new Contribution, released with 1.3, works in a significantly different way than the old one. The new Contribution comes with built-in support for modifying the form through the admin interface, but is somewhat more rigid about how the form is laid out.

Your specific problem, though, is that the Contribution plugin requires the "Posting Consent" input to be present on the form, and you've removed it.

You can either re-add the consent input from the original form or, if you want to force a particular consent choice, add a hidden input with the name posting_consent and the value Yes (or No, or Anonymously).

That worked. Thx. But I'm still getting this error: "Creator: Please provide a valid name for the creator." There isn't any inputs named "creator."

Also, if I'm using an older version of the Contribution plugin, and I've created new input fields, how will that work with creating output. The form I'm using is to contribute a lesson plan and we want those lesson plans to show up on the site.

Two things:

When I click on the Contribution plugin name in my plugins I am taking to documentation that seems like it's the docs for the later version of the plugin. Where are the docs for the plugin I'm using (ver 1.1)?

I obviously need to add my new fields to my Omeka mySQL database. But how do I do that within Omeka?

The docs for Contribution 1.1 are here.

Generally, to do what you're attempting with Contribution 1.1, you want to either create a new Item Type or edit the existing "Lesson Plan" Item Type to include the fields you want.

Then, you will need to alter the Contribution controller code to make it save the text from the textareas on your form to the appropriate metadata elements for your item type. This type of hand-editing is what Contribution 2.0 is designed to avoid.

Thanks. I would upgrade to the latest version of Omeka but I'm concerned about the lack of support for MyOmeka, which was an important reason my stakeholders wanted to use Omeka. I was told MyOmeka *might* work with Omeka 1.3 but I don't know the issues involved.