Getting Mediawiki to work with Scripto

I have Omeka 1.5.3 installed with version 1.3.1 of the Scripto plugin. I also have mediawiki 1.20.6 installed. Below is the question I'm getting from one of our librarians who is attempting to populate our data and can't seem to get media wiki to integrate with our omeka install. I'm not sure what to be looking for because I don't really know how omeka is supposed to work with the plugin. The link to the wiki api from the Scripto config seems to be correct.

"What exactly is the wiki used for? I thought we needed to upload for transcription via the wiki. If so I am not getting an upload images tab under the wiki tool box. But I am not clear on how this works because we are getting a transcription box under every omeka item and those were uploaded into omeka. Karen Loaded the Davis diaries file into the wiki in Dec. It is in omeka and appears with a transcription box HOWEVER it won't load page to page and gets an error message. She got that back in Dec, too.
I'm not sure if you have the answers to this!
But I do think we need the upload images function on the wiki."

In a further email:

"I just need the adjustment to the wiki in order to test load something. I am not sure if uploads are not turned on or I just don't know where to look but according to what I read there should be an upload or contribute link under the tool box in the wiki."

I'm not a particular authority on Scripto, but I believe that you don't need to upload any files to the MediaWiki install. The wiki just stores the transcriptions, while the images themselves come from Omeka or whatever CMS you're using Scripto with.

Have you read the Scripto user's guide? It explains the Scripto setup and how it works with the various CMSes like Omeka and with MediaWiki.

I believe you are correct. I was studying this today and trying to upload example items and playing with the transcriptions. I was about to update this discussion to inform followers that it's working as is. Here's the way it works: When viewing an item, there's a section in there to "Transcribe This Item". Clicking on one of the items below that header takes you into the current transcription page for that item where you can then edit the transcription by clicking on the Edit link. You can also view the history of the transcription and revert to an earlier version if you want.

I had no idea how this was supposed to work so just assumed it wasn't working when users told me it wasn't. After playing with it a bit, I found that it does seem to be working. I may have changed a config setting though to display the image with the "Omeka default". Previously it may have been set to OpenLayers.

If I have a question though it would be why it keeps reverting back to OpenLayers. I set it to the "Omeka default" and save changes and then the next time I go back into the config for Scripto, it's again set to OpenLayers. Why would it do that? Is it actually set to OpenLayers even after saving it as Omeka default or does the page just display that way when you come into the config screen? I've tried it now several times and the transcription works after saving as Omeka default and then when I come back to config, it's OpenLayers.

That's a bug in the config form and should have no effect on the image viewer that Scripto actually uses. The fix will be available in the next version of the plugin, which should be released in the next few months. In the meantime, remember to set the image viewer to "Omeka default" whenever you configure the plugin.