Getting File links to open metadata pages in 'Thanks, Roy'

I've been digging around for how to do this and I thought I found the answer in this post:

But when I try the fix given there in the default 'Thanks, Roy' theme for Omeka 2.1.4 I get no change. Trying to put different combinations of the Link to metadata call either do nothing or break the page.

For reference, the items/show.php by default has this line:
<?php echo files_for_item(); ?>

and this fix does nothing:
<?php echo files_for_item(array('imageSize' => 'fullsize', 'linkToMetadata' => true)); ?>

and THIS actually breaks the page and clicking on the item displays a totally blank screen:
<?php echo files_for_item('linkToMetadata' => true); ?>

I know very little about PHP in general - am I doing something somewhat wrong or super wrong or just ridiculous?

Thanks for any help you can get me.

There are two things to double-check. First, is that you are making the changes to the correct file. You should be working with the one in the default theme (aka, 'Thanks, Roy') themes/default/items/show.php, not the one that is under application/views/item/show.php.

Second, is in the theme configuration, make sure that the option to display files as a gallery is _not_ checked.

I wondered if there was going to be something as simple as a checkbox! Thank you patrickmj, that was it - display as gallery was checked. Unchecked and tweaked a couple things (Removed the Fullsize part) and it's working beautifully.

Thank you!