get_records('Tag') returns item and exhibit tags

In the following, get_records('Tag') returns both item and exhibit tags, which obviously causes issues since the URI points only to items/browse...

$tags = get_records(

echo tag_cloud($tags, url('items/browse'),4, 15);

How can I omit exhibit tags?

Also, are the available $params for get_records() documented somewhere by record type?


You can pass a "type" parameter to restrict the tags to only those applied to a particular type of record: 'type' => 'Item' should do the trick.

That does the trick, thanks. Where can I find the documentation for such things?

All the filters a record respects should be documented on its table class's applySearchFilters method.

We'll work on having some easier pointer or aggregation of these filters in the docs somewhere (the same applies for "special" arguments to metadata).