Get no datas with the Harvester


Second problem with a institut.

When i try to harvest this institut
then i get the records but their have no datas inside.

When i try it in the firefox with this address

there are no problems.
Have anyone a solution ??

The Dublin Core namespace declaration in each metadata part of the response is incorrect. It should be xmlns:dc=" not xmlns:dc="". Because of this the harvester does not see the Dublin Core metadata. The institution must comply with the OAI-PMH specifications, as defined here:

Conceivably, you could edit the harvester's code to fix the issue, but this will require some technical knowhow. You'll first need to truncate the oaipmh_harvester_harvests and oaipmh_harvester_records tables in MySQL, and you may also want to delete the empty items you've already harvested. Then, in plugins/OaipmhHarvester/libraries/OaipmhHarvester/Harvest/OaiDc.php, change the DUBLIN_CORE_NAMESPACE class constant to "" Save the file and run the harvest again. You should see the metadata now.

Otherwise, you will be unable to harvest metadata from this data provider because it is not OAI compliant.


Thank you for your answer.
I have try to change the DUBLIN_CORE_NAMESPACE constant . It works - but i cant harvest the other instituts. Can i install the plugin twice ??