Get Home (and other) URLs

Is there a way to get just the URL for home, a collection, an item, etc...? I see how to get links to those pages withlink_to_home_page, link_to_collection, link_to_item, link_to_items_in_collection, etc... but not how to get just the URLs, save current_url. I suppose I could parse the output of the link_to functions and extract them, but it seems there might be a simpler way.

It depends a little bit on the particular situation and context, but record_url might serve some of those needs, as long as you have an object for the collection or item you want the URL for.

For the home page, the constant WEB_ROOT might do the job.

Thanks. I will look into record_url. I am using html_escape(WEB_ROOT) for the home page URL and current_url($_GET) for the current page URL to get the params as well.