Geolocation Upgrade

I upgraded my site from 1.5.3 to 2.4. I went to reactivate the Geolocation plugin which we had used previously and found the message "This is not a valid plugin." I looked at the forum and realized that it was simply because it couldn't find it (I smacked my forehead) and then copied it in to the new Omeka Plugins directory. I then reloaded the page and it asked if I wanted to activate the plug in and I did. After I reloaded the page the entire website failed with the message "The page isn't working". Uh oh. So I removed the geolocation plugin directory reloaded the page and it worked fine.
My question is. How do I get the new site up and running with the geolocation plug in without losing our previous work?
As always thank You for the help.

You just need to use an updated version of Geolocation. The old one you used with 1.5.3 won't work with 2.4.

The latest one from the Geolocation plugin's page should do fine.

Thanks Much John. Of course I was looking into it too much, thinking that I may break something by just loading the new plug in.