Geolocation Search

Hi, I wonder how the 'search' function on the Geolocation works?

I'm using omeka 2.3, and Geolocation plugin 2.2.2, from both admin or public site, if I search by keyword, or more specific, such as 'title' contain="**" or search by collection -- nothing return.

But the omeka 'search' is working, for example if I search for "st. Nicholas" it will return all item that some how cintain "St.Nicholas".

However if I search "St. Nicholas" on "Search by Keyword" on the map, no result return.

I wonder if I need anything else to make it works. The map does show on the item/show and geolocation/map/browse page. But no result return if click on "Browse All" or "Search Item" on ~/geolocation/map/browse page.

BTW, I just using the default theme. Is any other theme work better with map?

Thanks all ;)


Just the clarify - is the item St. Nicholas geolocated?

Thanks Mebrett.

Yes--or at least I think so.

I have a collection with title "St.Nicholas,Carvel, Alberta".

Belongs to this collection, I have few items that're geolocated.

I would expect if I search "St.Nicholas" or search collection "St.Nicholas, Carvel, ALberta", it would return the map with all item that're belong to this collection which are geolocated. Is that what it suppose to do, isn't it?



On the admin side, the admin/geolocation/map/browse will only return items which have been given been a location. It won't search for their associated collection, so unless the items in the St. Nicholas collection explicitly have St. Nicholas in one of their elements, I don't think the search will return anything.

(Collections cannot, themselves, have a geolocation)

Thanks Mebrett...I think I know the problem...the zoom can I change the zoom level?
By default it zoom to West cost of US, out data mostly in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada.



Under General Settings for the plugin - you'll have to go to Plugins and then click the Configure button for Geolocation to get there. That's also where you can change the default center of the map.

Great, thanks Mebrett-- got it ;)

Thanks again,


Hi All, sorry back again to this topic ;)

If I click on "map" from admin site, and search "tree" on the keyword, it return result on the map, with those balloon. Great.

However, if I try to do the same from "public" site: click on map, so I'm on this page (~/geolocation/map/browse) -- using any theme

I have "Search Items", "browse All" and "browse Map" options. If I click on "search Item" and do the same, search "tree" on keyword...the results return as regular item/search, there is no map on that page.

How could I add "map" on that search result page if the search is perform from this browse map page?



It can be a little confusing, since the map page duplicates the tabs on the item browse page. On the public side, there's not a search form that goes to displaying the items on the map.

You can duplicate what happens on the admin side, though, by creating a directory called geolocation in the theme you are using, and another directory called maps in that. Then, go to the Geolocation plugin and in views/public/maps/ copy the browse.php file there, to the geolocation/maps. That will let your theme override the display of the map.

Last, open Geolocation/views/admin/map/browse.php. There, you'll see this code:

<div id="search_block">
    <?php echo items_search_form(array('id'=>'search'), $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); ?>
</div><!-- end search_block -->

That's what produces the search form you see on the admin side. Copy that to the browse.php file that you just created in your theme, and the search will work on the public side.

Thanks Patrick, I'll give it a shot.