Geolocation problems

I downloaded and was testing out the Geo plugin and am having a few issues. I can get it to display the map and flag on an item record, but the public map/browse stays blank (map but no flags, though it does work on admin side) and does not put in the map-links block on the right. Also a problem with the browse map setting the incorrect zoom level.

I took a look at the Trac plugin files and they definitely have quite a few old edits from what is available packaged on For instance the public/map/browse.php file is missing several arguments in the google_map function that have since been added to the Trac version. One of those arguments is 'map-links', which I hope would explain my missing link block.

Thanks for taking a look.

PS If anyone has some suggestions for adding an if statement around
echo map_for_item($item,$width='400',$height='400');
on the item/show.php page, I'd be grateful. I don't want the map to display if that item has no location. On my own I haven't been able to come up with the right mix of function and variable.

Hi, thanks for testing out the map plugin. Do you know how to use SVN? If so, could you check out the latest version of the plugin (on the command line, you would do: svn co Geolocation inside of your plugins/ directory) and see if it's still broken on your installation? I seem to recall that we fixed a bunch of stuff in subversion a while ago, but it must not have made it into the zipped release. I'll probably just put up a zipped file of the latest code, but I'd like to figure out whether yours is a new bug if possible before that. Let me know if that helps or is too much to handle. Thanks!

I am having the same problem as kkay. Items on the show page have a thumbnail map with location marked, but the map at map/browse doesn't have any flags on it.

And I, too, would like to know how to display a map on the item page only when that item has a geolocation.