Geolocation problem

Hi, I installed the latest Omeka and Geolocation plugin, and added the <?php echo map_for_item($item,$width='200',$height='200'); ?> to show.php under item according to the instruction, but the map doesn't show up, the ones on admin interface, including map/browse and item page, are working properly thought. Could you let me know if there is any extra thing we need to make the map shown on item page for the latest version?


Try pasting the code in like this:
<?php echo map_for_item($item,'200','200'); ?>

Also, have you pasted the code into the current theme selected in the admin settings? I only ask, because I've modified items/show.php on a theme I was not using.


Thanks for the reply, I have tried both and have made sure changing the correct theme. But when I added the line, all the contents under the line disappeared. eg: The following lines for example, the contents after the map including citations and navigations disappeared from the page.

<!-- The following prints a list of all tags associated with the item -->
<?php if(item_has_tags()): ?>
<div id="item-tags" class="element">
<div class="element-text"><?php echo item_tags_as_string(); ?></div>
<?php endif;?>

<!-- The following prints map associated with the item -->
<?php echo map_for_item($item,'200','200'); ?>

<!-- The following prints a citation for this item. -->
<div id="item-citation" class="element">
<div class="element-text"><?php echo item_citation(); ?></div>

<ul class="item-pagination navigation">
<li id="previous-item" class="previous">
<?php echo link_to_previous_item('Previous Item'); ?>

<li id="next-item" class="next">
<?php echo link_to_next_item('Next Item'); ?>

Let's try some debugging: Open up your .htaccess file and make sure the display_errors part is set to 1 instead of 0. Also, open up the application/config/config.ini file and set debug.exceptions = true. Now you should see an error message instead of blankness.


It said:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function map_for_item() in /var/www/omeka/themes/berlin/items/show.php on line 78

Ah, here's the problem: somewhere along the lines, we added namespacing to the geolocation helper functions. Here is the new name: geolocation_map_for_item().