Geolocation problem (Google Map API)


I work on a website and i had put many item on the google map trhought the geolocation extension. But now, the map is automaticly freezing and i cant add anymore item.

i get these messages :

« You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors. »

Do we have à maximum of items we can add to the map?
At this point, i am lost...


Are you getting the result on /geolocation/map/browse on the public side?

Out of curiosity, what is your setting for "Number of locations per page" under Browse Map Settings in the plugin configuration?

On the public site, it appear to be no problem there...

It is when i want to put an item on map admin/items/edit

it was at 50, but i changed it for 100 ...
i tried turning it back to 50, but still freezing

When I inspect the Map box in Chrome I see a series of errors that begin with this:

getCurrentPosition() and watchPosition() are deprecated on insecure origins, and support will be removed in the future. You should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See for more details.

something new...
on public site items/show/
it is impossible to use the map tools
i have the same message

What versions of Omeka and Geolocation are you running?

OMEKA 2.2 and geolocation 2.2

I have omeka version 2.3.1 and Geolocation 2.2.3

Can you share the url so we can take a look? Thanks.

Upgrading to 2.4 can solve the problem?

I have the same problem as Boukharine.

When editing the metadata for an item, click map on the top bar. Map displays, allows one pan then the map freezes.

Omeka 2.3.1 Geolocation Plugin 2.2.3


this seems to be an issue in Chrome and in Firefox.

Firebug reports:
common.js (line 56, col 173)
You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.
js?v=3....r=false (line 82)
TypeError: a is undefined
js?v=3....r=false (line 24, col 303)
TypeError: _.k is not a function
common.js (line 81, col 53)
TypeError: is not a function
stats.js (line 3, col 490)
TypeError: _.k is not a function
util.js (line 31, col 207)
TypeError: a is undefined
common.js (line 5, col 336)
TypeError: is not a function
common.js (line 176, col 200)
TypeError: a.lng is not a function

A screenshot of the errors when inspecting the map element with IE

updating to 2.4.1 does not fix the problem. Any wisdom from the Omeka side about a fix?

What happens if you deactivate the NeatlineFeatures plugin?

Both that plugin and Geolocation are trying to independently load the Google Maps API, and that could be causing at least some of your problems.

I deactivated the NeatlineFeatures plugin and that fixed the Geolocation plugin.

Its working for me,
Thank you!

Any ideas on how to have both plugins active at the same time?

Looks like google's suggestion is to use their API loaded framework, as described at

Can we update both plugins to do use that?

Seems a more elegant solution than an old #ifndef type one.