Geolocation Plugin=>Different Results with Different Browsers

Firefox shows all 6 icons, but Safari, IE and Chrome show only 3:

Please see the following:

Do not remember how it previously resolved

There are only 3 items on this page in any browser for me.

It sounds like 3 of your items are public, and 3 are not. So, when you move from Firefox (which you're logged into Omeka on) to another browser, you don't see the non-public items anymore.

All items are definitely public.

Is it possible you could provide links to the normal items/show pages for the six items that should appear there?

I still only see 3 on all browsers.

Other than some logged-in/logged-out issue, the only other thing I'd immediately suggest is that you upgrade Geolocation (and Omeka), since it appears you're using a somewhat outdated version of the plugin.


I cannot upgrade plugin without upgrading OMEKA. What happens if I upgrade OMEKA with an existing collection?

Is there an auto-updater? If not I will have to have a different directory for the new installation and my image paths will break.