Geolocation plugin -- zoom level


As a follow-up to Davecolamaria's post a few weeks back, which file controls the zoom level of the Google map that displays within the item record?

I see that the config file controls the zoom level of the map itself, but not the map on the items/show page.


p.s. Sorry for the rush of questions!

1. In the admin, edit an item.
2. Goto the Map sidebar tab for the item.
3. Change the zoom level.
4. Save the item.
5. View the items/show page for that item.

In the items/show theme page, you might want to add something like this:

$mapWidth = 400;
$mapHeight = 400;
echo geolocation_google_map_for_item(get_current_item(), $mapWidth, $mapHeight);

Let me know if this works.