geolocation plugin public view

Hi all,

My geolocation plugin works fine as admin and with registered users, but the public view does not display the map. How can I edit to allow public to view geolocation map plugin?

Hi atschink,

Do you have a link to your public view of the map? It would be something like, where '' is the address of your Omeka installation. Having your site's address would help us determine what problems you might be having.


Please excuse my lack of knowledge but My Omeka "site" is a student activity behind a private network at
The geolocation plugin works fine but when I click on public view I no longer see it. Wondering if there is a quick fix, can it be "reconfigured"
Any help greatly appreciated.

If you're able to go to the items/map page, but a map isn't appearing, it seems like a JavaScript error might be the culprit. Are you using a custom theme, or one of the available themes? And could you tell us which versions of Omeka and the Geolocation plugin you're using?

I'm using the Rhythm theme (Fall Rhythm style sheet), my Omeka version is ver 1.2.1 and my geolocation plugin is ver 1.1.1