Geolocation - order of "browse items on map"

Is it possible to specify the browse order using Geolocation? The default browse is in order of being added (first to last), but I would like it to be reversed with the most recent entries being shown first when a user chooses to browse the map. Any guidance/assistance is much appreciated.


Using Omeka 2.0.2, Geolocation 2.0

You can change the sort order by adding this to the end of the URL for the map page:


To change the link, you can go to Appearance->Navigation and disable the "Map" link.

Then create a new link called "Map" (or whatever), and copy the URL from the link you just disabled, and add the stuff above to the end.

Thanks. I have tried your suggestion, but unfortunately, I am getting errors (see below).

The navigation settings were not saved because of missing or invalid values. All changed values have been restored.

Navigation links that have undeleteable sublinks cannot be deleted.

Any thoughts?

When entering a new link, Omeka will be very particular about the URLs working. Chances are, there's just a minor difference between what it wants and what you typed in.

When you add the new link, compare it closely with the link that is in the original Map navigation. The first part should be exactly the same, and then just have the extra stuff tacked on at the end. A common culprit is a missing / somewhere.