Geolocation not appearing in admin or public views

Hi all,

I activated the Geolocation plugin for testing purposes in a pretty vanilla version of Omeka 1.3.1 and it doesn't appear to be working. The map doesn't show in either the public or admin views, and the lookup location button on individual items does not do anything. Any suggestions?



Update: this sounds very much like the same issue:

Since you're saying Geolocation won't work for you on public views also, is there a link you can give to a page that should have a Geolocation map, but doesn't?

Being able to see the actual HTML and check for errors on the page can be very helpful.

You may want to respond on the dev list rather than here, although I'm not totally convinced that these are really the same issue.

Thanks for your quick reply John. I had left the
the map height and width values in the configure plugin screen blank. Once I filled these in with a value, the map appeared. Glad it was a simple fix!