Geolocation Marker

Apologies if I missed this when searching around the forums. Is there a way to change the marker on Geolocation Map feature? The default one is fine now, but with incoming items spread across the world map, I'm afraid my main map will start looking a little jumbled when zoomed out if I don't change the marker.

Thanks so much!


Once you've found or created the image you want for your marker, put it on your server somewhere accessible on the web.

Then, in /plugins/Geolocation/views/shared/javascripts/map.js, add it to the option around line 23, so you end up with something like" =;

options.icon = '';

That first line is already in the file, and the second line points to the marker.

Seems like what might be useful is a clustering function, where items in the same basic location get lumped into a single marker when zoomed out? (Like on Flickr, where it says "lots" for a bunch of photos in one place).

I don't know if anyone's built that, but it seems like it might be useful.

I have not had any luck even adding items to the MAP function. I do not know what version my OMEKA is but the majority of the input operations (UPLOAD, DROPBOX) do not work.