Geolocation map not displaying pins and list

I'm using Omeka 1.5.1 with the Geolocation plugin; the pins and labels for the map show up fine in the admin panel, and on each item page, but they aren't displaying in the browse section. Here's a link:

Initially it was working as I was adding items, but then it stopped. I'm not sure if it was right after I upgraded Omeka, but it could have been. Has anyone had a similar issue or know how to fix it?

If you go to you'll see that there's a problem with the XML output that Geolocation uses to add the pushpins.

It's a very small problem: some plugin is adding a blank line to the top of that XML file, but that's enough to make it invalid and make the pins not render.

It's pretty likely some plugin other than Geolocation is the offending one. If you deactivate your plugins one by one it should be easy to narrow down which is causing this problem for you.

The only plugins I have activated are Exhibit Builder, Item Order, Simple Pages, and of course Geolocation. I turned all of them off other than Geolocation and it's still not working; could it be something within the Geolocation plugin? I replaced the plugin earlier because I thought I had somehow messed something up within it, so they should all be unmodified.

Does the map browse tab work on the admin side?

If it does, the problem might be in your theme rather than a plugin.

The usual culprit is something easy to miss like just an extra line after a ?> at the end of a file.

We are having similar problems with the Geolocation plugin (Omeka 1.5). As far as we can determine, the Google Map server seems to be blocking execution of .js code for display of the KML marker and map link data on the Geolocation admin and public browse pages.

The problem in our case consistently occurs when the theme CSS (any theme) is changed and re-saved. Apparently, the KML files are permanently cached and blocked by the Google server, as neither renaming the CSS file nor importing a new CSS file corrects the problem. The only work-around we have found is rebuilding the CSS -- not exactly a brilliant solution. We first encountered the problem about a month ago and welcome suggestions for locating and correcting the error.

The browse does work on the admin side, and the points show up on the map on each item page. I wasn't able to find an extra line anywhere; I paid the most attention to the browse.php file as it seems that's where things are going wrong.

I hope someone comes up with a workaround that's better than rebuilding the CSS--that sounds awful.

This won't have anything to do with the CSS; it's only PHP files that would create the extra line.

Your theme's custom.php (and any files you may include from there) would be a prime place to look, since that file gets loaded on every page.

You're right--it was in the custom.php file, which for some reason I wasn't thinking to check. Thank you!

Good to hear.

In general, if you've got a file that's all PHP code, or that ends with PHP code, it's a good idea to just omit the closing ?>.

It's not required, and omitting it means that any extra rogue whitespace that creeps in won't affect your site (it's only whitespace outside of the PHP blocks that gets output and messes things up like this).