Geolocation map not appearing on item page

When I upgraded to Omeka 1.3 and Geolocation 1.2, my Geolocation maps stopped appearing on my item pages.

The browse map shows all the locations that I've added to individual items, but on the item page all it says is "Geolocation" and then there is no map or even a space for a map.

I would appreciate the help. Thanks.

Can you check to see if this still happens when you're using another theme, preferably the default theme or another one that's shipped with Omeka?

It's possible that you're either using an out-of-date theme, or that you've made changes to your theme that are incompatible with the newer Geolocation plugin.

I tried all the included themes and in each one it says "Geolocation," but doesn't display the map.

However, in response to your comment about old themes, I am using an old version of Berlin. When I upgraded to the new one, there was no longer an index.php file, and so I couldn't figure out a way to edit the home page beyond what was configurable in the admin area. I wasn't able to get the site back to the way it looked with the old theme just using CSS. For instance, the CLGA logo kept interfering with the search bar. I had a feeling the decision to revert to the old theme would cause problems in the future.

Taking a closer look at your page again, I think I see the real problem.

You've customized the map size in the Geolocation configuration panel, right? The trick is, those values are interpreted as the full CSS values for width and height, not as pixel values.

You put 200 x 200 in that admin panel, which is unitless and resulting in your map being sized 0x0.

Replace each of those values with 200px instead of 200 and you should be fine.

As for the updated theme: it's a little confusing, but you can still do the same customization to the home page even though the file doesn't exist. An index.php, or any other file, will get used out of the theme if it exists, but a default script from application/views/scripts will be used if there's no copy of the file in the theme.

Practical upshot: you can create an index.php in your theme and it will still work the same way, and if you're just looking to see what the "current" index.php looks like, it's at application/views/scripts/index.php.

Awesome! Both those suggestions were so helpful! The maps are working now and I was able to customize the index page. I had no idea that those files were hiding in application/views/scripts. Thank you so much!