Geolocation Map -- Exhibit Builder

I have several items that are placed under the same geolocation. I expected that within the map interface you would be able to scroll through and see all the items that are attached to that location. Instead you can only view one item. Is there a way to have multiple items attached to a specific location?


Each location-item pair is distinct in the database, even if the location data is the same.

Just to be sure I'm understanding, is it that in the list of items on the map some with the same lat-long are not showing up at all?

Yes I have about 80 items, but they are only tied to about 20 different locations. So for the locations that have multiple items attached only one item shows up in the map.

Is there a way to create a slideshow to scroll through images in a location that has multiple items linked?

My guess is that all the locations are in fact loading in the map, it's just that the markers are stacked directly on top of one another so you can only see the one on the top.

I don't know about the Exhibit Builder functionality in regards to the Geolocation map but it sounds like you probably need to create a custom map and/or custom exhibit page template.

There are a number of solutions to the overlapping marker problem, which is a pretty common one. If you have the resources or skill to tackle this on your own, these links might be helpful...

Jwyns - did you have any success with clustering markers? I'm shortly going to run into the same problem.