Geolocation - items per page

Hi All - I'm having an issue with the geolocation plugin that I hope someone can lend some insight into.

If I'm not logged in to Omeka, the plugin is limiting the number of placemarks to the value of "Items Per Page (public)" from the main settings page. It ignores the "Number of Locations Per Page:" value that's set on the configuration page of GeoLocation - regardless of if it is higher or lower than the "Items Per Page (public)" setting.

If I login to the admin page, but view the public map, everything works perfect. The "Number of Locations Per Page:" value affects how many items are shown on the map, and the values for public or admin items per page are not used.

When troubleshooting this, I tried just modifying browse.kml.php to get it to read additional items, but items other than the 12 allowed are coming up with coordinates of 0,0 until I'm on the correct page for them, using the pagination links. This doesn't seem to be the solution!

Any idea how to get geolocation to obey it's own settings value, even when someone isn't logged in as an administrator?

This is all being done with Omeka 1.1.

Thank you for any assistance anyone can provide.


Are all of the items you want shown on the public map marked as "public"?

When logged in, you can see all items in the archive displayed on the public site even when your site visitors cannot see them. That could explain why more items are appearing on the map when you are logged in.

Hi Sheila - Thanks for the response.

All of the items are marked public, the issue seems to be somewhere else. For example, if I set the Geolocation plugin to display only 4 items per page, and stay logged in, it shows me 4 items on the map and correct pagination. But if I log out, it shows me 12 items on the map.

If I login and set geolocation to shows 250 items per page, all of my items appear on the map. When I log out, it goes back to 12. The pagination will let me see additional items, but they are on separate pages, and I'd like them all on one.

If I play around with browse.kml.php, I can get it to display all of the items on the map at once, but only 12 of them get location information on page 1, causing the rest to all pile up on 0,0 on the map.


Has anyone else been able to replicate this issue? Our public map is still getting it's item count clipped based on the value of the item's per page setting rather than the configured value in geolocation. If we're logged in, the map starts obeying the configured value.

We tweaked a number of different things, but if we somehow introduced this issue I have no idea where or how. If others running 1.1 and geolocation could confirm that the problem isn't happening, that would at least let me know it's something we changed somewhere.


So it looks like this is a bug in the Geolocation plugin. Basically, when the KML file is generated on the public side, it does not have permission to modify the per page parameter in the items search.

If you need to fix this bug before the next release, add the following to plugin.php:

add_plugin_hook('define_acl', 'geolocation_define_acl');


function geolocation_define_acl($acl)
    $acl->allow(null, 'Items', 'modifyPerPage');

Thanks Will - This worked perfectly!

I have exactly the same problem, but the suggested bugfix doesn't seem to make any difference. Any other ideas, anyone? Or am I missing something?

Thanks very much.