Geolocation Browsing Window Size


I am trying to increase the size of the browse map on the Geolocation plugin. I can change the size of the window for the item, but how do I make it larger when browsing all items? Thanks.

The map's size is set in the geolocation-items-map.css file.

You can copy this file from the plugin (at views/shared/css/geolocation-items-map.css) to your theme (put it at css/geolocation-items-map.css). You can then edit the styles in that copy of the file.

Alternatively, you can just alter your theme's style. The default size for the browse map is 70% of the horizontal space, and 400 pixels vertical. If you change your theme to allow more horizontal space for the content, the map will grow accordingly.

I did this on my site here:

In Geolocation/views/public/map/browse.php, I changed <div id="primary"> to <div id="primary-map">, then removed the right column...everything including and within <div id="secondary"> and </div>.

This appear to display fine since my map settings in the admin panel are set to 100%, and the page still uses all of the other styling from the theme.