Geolocation Balloons


I just installed the latest version of Omeka 1.2. I've used 1.1 earlier with the Geolocation plugin just fine. However, this time with 1.2, I did the same process but the content inside the balloon keeps overflowing outside the balloon. Is there a way to control the balloon so that all the content remains inside?

Also, where can I find the CSS styling that comes with the map/browse.php? I notice there are classes associate with some div tags, but I can't locate where they are actually stylized. I see there are some internal CSS styling for some map/browse.php, but not much.


Hmm, usually the balloon automatically re-sizes to fit the content. Are you having this problem with every item that is mapped?

To define a style for the "balloon" you can go into the views for the Geolocation plugin: /views/shared/map/browse.kml.php

Well, I wasn't able to debug this problem, but I managed to create a little trick that expanded the balloon to fit the content.

It appears that the balloon is not picking up the last div, so the last item keeps spilling out of the balloon. Therefore, I tried inserting an empty div tag stylized with a large height and placed it after the last div with content.