Geolocation and Navigation

I have the new Omeka set up, and I installed the geolocation plugin, but the map does not get added to my main navigation. Theme is Emiglio.

The line for navigation is <?php echo custom_public_nav_header(); ?>

I have tried to tinker with that to add something like 'map' => uri('geolocation/map/browse') which actually works in my footer navigation since that is worded slightly differently as
<?php echo public_nav_main(array(then the items are listed here.

Any help appreciated

ps. The map does get added to my admin navigation.

A link will be added to the items/browse page, that is the expected behavior for the plugin:

If you wish for it to appear in the main, global, nav for the site, you can configure that in theme:

Custom Header Navigation: If you want to override the default navigation in the theme header, enter a custom list in this text box. Enter your desired navigation in the following way: ‘Name of Link Text | path/to/page’. Each link should be on its own line. If this field is blank, the navigation will be generated automatically.