Generic xsd import

I am writing an IMLS grant and was looking at Omeka as the repository for the digitization center I'm proposing. I'll be using quite a bit more metadata for the items than just DC (METS, MIX, PREMIS, TextMD, EXIF, etc), so I would have to add lots of new element sets and elements.

The question I have is if anyone is working on a generic xsd importer plugin. This would save many, many hours of manually creating arrays for import. If not, and assuming I get the grant, I would probably take that on (7 yrs PHP, about a year and half of ZF experience). I would have to write an XMP exporter anyway so I can cram all the metadata into a PDF/A file.

Of course, if it's already written by Oct of next year, I would be more than happy not to have to do it! :-)

-Mark G.


We are unaware of any development of a generic XSD import plugin, but the idea is intriguing. By all means, take on the project. Use our Omeka Dev group if you have any questions or want to update the dev community on your progress.

I suggest that you read Patrick Murray-John's blog post about migrating semantic web ontologies to Omeka element sets. You'll find his exploration of the topic helpful. Good luck.