Generate video (media) embed code

Has a plugin been developed or is there already a feature for Omeka to generate embed codes for audio/video content? In other words pushing Omeka content out to other web pages.

We have many videos within our learning objects collections ( and the librarians may want to add to a video to a Libguide. Having YouTube or Internet Archive like "right click and copy" embed code would be helpful.

I searched but did not find this question anywhere in the forums or documentation. I only found questions about embedding videos (like YouTube) into Omeka. Thanks!

This sounds like a great idea.

Were you thinking that this would be something you'd see on the admin interface somewhere?

This seems like a great use case for a plugin.

I think an embed code could be something appearing on both the admin and public view mode depending on the nature of the collection. Viewers/users may want to easily publish an item of interest to a blog or other web service they are interested in. Users have gotten use to the ability of embedding objects externally from their source.

For our particular purposes having at least an admin level ability for contributors would still be very helpful and the feedback I have gotten suggests this has a lot of potential and interest.