General Description of Search Tools in omeka

Hello, new user to omeka. V. impressed with many of its tools, features and ease of use. Can anyone direct me to more detailed info on how omeka can do searches? We have a large number of documents (PDF's, Word Docs, and PPT) that we would like to upload in categories with specific types of metadata. Does omeka have the ability to search INSIDE files like ppts, pdf's and word docs for words and/or phrases? Can anyone describe the search tool API's or tools that omeka uses for search (e.g. Solr, etc. etc.) thanks for any info and or direction to documentation that could help answer these questions!!

These sources might be useful for you to help get you started:

sheila, Thank you for the prompt helpful reply!

The more I learn about Omeka, the more impressed I am with its functionality. Looking forward to exploring it more. One interesting application might be for our Med School Student note cooperative which needs a friendly GUI like Omeka's to get more students involved. But for this strong search functions are critical. thanks again for links!