Gallery narrative layout in Exhibit builder in Omeka 1.5


I am migrating our installation for Omeka 1.5 to Omeka 2 and our online exhibits build using exhibit builder from Omeka 1.5 to 2.

My problem is those pages that created using gallery-narrative in Omeka 1.5 create and error when I try to access the page in Omeka 2.
It said

Could not find file exhibit_layouts/gallery-narrative/layout.gif!

Do I need to create pages from the begining or should I fix that in database?

It looks like this is a custom layout, and it just doesn't have the .gif file that shows what the layout would look like. You could probably either make a quick, simple .gif showing what the template looks like, or if the image itself isn't important in your installation, just reuse of of the existing .gif files from another layout.

Also, a significant new version of Exhibit Builder is almost ready, so you might want to watch for that, and plan for changes accordingly

Thanks Patrick,

I was able to update the name of the layout gallery narrative in the database to the correct name. That solved the problem.

Do you know what changes coming with the new Exhibit builder plugin?