gallery block images

When I add items to a block with the gallery layout, the images are cut off top & bottom. I have changed the appearance settings and the image size to match up, but the images are still cut off. Must the images in the gallery always be square thumbnails? I don't want to have to make the images real small just to fit.

Hi. What version of Exhibit Builder are you using? The most recent version (less than a month old) allows for non-square thumbnails. If you're running 3.1, you might want to upgrade.

I'm using Exhibit Builder version 3.1.1. I'll upgrade. Thanks!

I have upgraded and now have proportional thumbnails. Is there a line of code I can copy & paste to make the thumbnails larger, with less white space between them? I have increased derivative size constraints in appearance settings, but that doesn't seem to do anything. Thanks.

Changing the derivative size will only change new uploads, although you can install and run the derivative images plugin to change the ones. Let us know if it works.

There's also several CSS-based size limits imposed by the exhibit layout. If your images are much taller than wide, you're probably hitting a maximum height limitation, and changing your derivative constraints won't do anything.

It's hard to say for sure without seeing the page itself or at least a screenshot.