Front Page

Am leading up to a demo of Omeka to a group and one thing I am not getting my head around is how to control the appearance of the front page.

Having options for Browse Items, Browse Collections, Browse Exhibits, I understand all that. Also, I am unable to disable (so far) the Featured Items, Featured Collection, and Recently Added.

And understand the use of Simple Pages

All I am looking to take control of the front page, without digging into the theme code (using Rhythm at the moment), and find out.... is it possible to create a Simple Page for the main or front page? I'd like to alter this front page appearance without drilling into the theme code, that is.

Ideas anyone?


Soon, the Simple Pages plugin will allow you to make a Simple Page the home page. For now, you will have to edit the index page in the theme if you want to customize it's look. This use case should help:

Ah, thank you. I was getting to that conclusion. Thankx for cutting to the chase.