Foundation Theme Customization

After a couple of years working in the Berlin theme at <>, I'm finally ready for a more customized theme. Following Patrick's advice, I contacted a local WordPress developer, who suggested using the Zurb Foundation theme in combination with a theme from theme forest as a starting point <>.

My question is, does this seem reasonable? A lot of the theme forest themes are WordPress or maybe Drupal--would the CSS translate to Omeka? It seems like this may not work given that the theme has to work with exhibit and collection pages etc. Is Foundation more intended for people working from scratch to develop a theme in Omeka?


Yeah, I'd say Foundation is a good toolset for building a theme from scratch. Maybe the developer was recommending adapting a Wordpess theme already using Foundation, since they frequently have nice features such as consistent styles for form elements and responsive layouts. You could translate a Wordpress theme into Omeka, but know you'll have to do a lot of hunting for equivalent selectors in the CSS and replace the CMS-specific PHP functions.

Thanks, that's really helpful. The developer was recommending a WordPress theme already using Foundation, and working from there.