Forum feature or plugin

We are keen to build a repository that is updated publicly by volunteers. It would be a huge help to have a forum within our Okema site so the volunteers can help each other.

The Okema home page has one. Anyone else with Okema page running a forum?

Omeka could play host to a forum plugin, but once you've moved this far from Omeka's strong points and focus on exhibiting digital objects, it's probably better to use a separate software package.

There's lots of forum software that should run on any server that can run Omeka. For example, the forum runs on bbPress.

The easiest way to run Omeka together with forum software would be to keep them in separate folders or separate subdomains, but you can also, with some work in the .htaccess file, make the forum look like it's part of the Omeka site.

Thanks John. I'm not much of a programmer but that makes sense. We are going to get some professional help so it's good to know generally what to ask for.

I was keen to give the impression of not leaving our Omeka site when going to the forum but I suppose that's just design and it won't really matter if it's in a diffrent subdomain.