Fixing Link display on Search Item Facets

That looks like a bug in Facet By Metadata that is conflicting with Search By Metadata. Not sure of a solution off the top of my head, but will look into it.

A new version that should fix that is available.

That looks like it is because the description text has HTML in it, and so, with bypassing the filtering, it comes out as plain text.

If you want to use that CD (or others) as a facet, it'll likely work better to have the link in one field, and a plaintext name of the CD in another field, and use that second field for the facet

Am I following right that, while all your Dublin Core metadata works in the facets, only the "Accompanied by" metadata from Dataset Item Type Metadata from the Item Type Metadata works in the facets -- basically only one thing from Item Type Metadata can be used in the facets?

If so, that's definitely a bug. If checking multiple elements from Item Type Metadata in the config form only shows one, that's something I'll dig in to and try to reproduce.

If I'm following right, then, there are two things going on.

1. Multiple entries for the _same_ element, e.g. two values for "Accompanied by", and only one showing up in the facets. That I can reproduce, and would be a significant new feature to add.

2. Entries for two different elements in Dataset Item Type -- your two elements, "Accompanied by" and "URL", and only one showing up. So far, I haven't been able to reproduce that. Checking the boxes for both in the config form works on my end, but I'll keep tinkering to see if I can reproduce it.

That's the plugin config form -- back to Admin->Plugins, then the configuration for Facet By Metadata.

Did you recently upgrade to a new version of Omeka, and if so, what version?

From what I've researched so far, it looks like fixing that would take a surprisingly big rewrite, so sorry to say I can't anticipate a fix anytime soon.

didn't had get solution still now...