[Fixed] Attaching items to Page doesn't work

I was attaching an image to a page in an exhibit, when the page would white screen and completely die. It wouldn't even show an error after turning all errors on.

Through some debugging and tracing I eventually found that the "ExhibitBuilder/models/ExhibitPageEntry.php" file that extends the "Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord" changes the scope of the function "getFile()" from public to protected (which you can't do).

Once I changed that function from "protected" to "public" around line 45 in the "ExhibitBuilder/models/ExhibitPageEntry.php" file I was able to start attaching items to the page. I hope this helps anyone else who is having the same issues.

I take it you're using Omeka 2.2 but have stayed on the "old" Exhibit Builder?

The newer versions of the Exhibit Builder, like the one shipped with 2.2, don't have this issue.

That would explain some things, though I didn't know a newer version came out. We were actually running 2.1.2 so we were a few versions behind.

Is there a way to find out if a plugin has an update available? Or do I just have to check manually?

Thank you for the swift reply.

Yeah, you do have to check yourself right now. Omeka won't automatically notify you about plugin updates.

For the bundled plugins, like Simple Pages and Exhibit Builder, we include the updated versions when we release Omeka, and the release notes for the new Omeka version will note the new bundled version.

Ah okay, understood. I think having Omeka be able to check if a plugin is out of date would be really useful.

Then again I probably should have checked the version first before messing with the code. :)

Thanks again.

For other people's reference:

Problem: Attaching an item to Exhibit page failed with a white screen.

Running the following versions:
Omeka ver. 2.2.2
ExhibitBuilder ver. 2.1.2
PHP ver 5.5.11
Apache ver 2.4.9
MySQL ver 5.1

Solution: Make sure plugins are up to date, specifically ExhibitBuilder, now running 3.1.1 as of July 28th, 2014.