Filtering Item Browsing On Dublin Core Value

Is there a way to filter browse results on a Dublin Core value? For example, I may want to show results for all items in a collection where the Date = 1950. I tried adding it to the url, but it doesn't affect the results: . Before I custom code this, I just want to make sure there isn't an easier way.

You can filter results by those values using the "advanced" query params. These are the ones used by the advanced search "Narrow by Specific Fields" filter.

If you do an "is exactly" search for Dublin Core Date through the advanced search form, you should see, among many other blank parameters, the "advanced" GET params that filter by Date (or any other field).

I was afraid someone would say that. For some reason when I use the advanced search on our live Omeka server, it locks up the MySQL server. When I do an advanced search, I run top on my MySQL server and watch the WCPU for the mysqld process climb and climb until it's 100%. Then I have to restart the MySQL server daemon. Argh. Could it be because we have a whopping 21,749 items in our Omeka installation? What is Omeka's limits?

Not sure what to do now. :(

The first thing I'd tell you to try is running OPTIMIZE TABLE on your Omeka element_texts table, and/or all your Omeka tables.

Holy happy day, Batman, that worked! Thanks John! I read about table optimization ( and had my doubts, but thought it was worth a shot. I backed up my database, optimized the element_texts table and successfully ran advanced search. Schweetness. That made my day.

I was getting ready to code my own browse page in my custom theme in case this didn't work, but now I won't have the fun of that. ;) I ran a SQL query (BEFORE the optimization) from the command line that would generate the data for the browse results I wanted and it ran just fine, so I was confused why the advanced search would hang?

Thanks again.

- Gavin